Bandung, November 11th, 2012

Hello Mike,

Haven’t seen you in a long time now. How are you doing?

I hope things are going fine, I really wanted to contact you. It was silly of me for not asked your contact number. Well, I think at least I should ask for your email.

And here I am, sitting at my desk, writing an imaginary letter to you. Hoped somehow you magically read it from San Fransisco, or Mecca, or New Zealand. Heck, wherever you are now..

I don’t know if you still remembered me. After all, we’ve just met that one time. and that was over a year ago.

But I still do. I never met an Arab-American foreigner who changed his name from Muhammad to Mike. (to tell you the truth, I rarely met any other foreigner either..), it was a hell of an experience for me, and I think I can never forget about that.

If you wondering how things are going here, it’s basically the same. The internet connection are still as slow as when you were here (bummer!). The building where we’ve met changed, though. Now it has some kind of gigantic hotel in front of it, five stars I guess. A lot of people come and go every day, makes the traffic overcrowded.

The weather is a little bit hotter now, I think you will not find it pleasing. Well, at least it still colder from the majority of the cities in my county.

How about me? As for me, my life is like riding a jet. I graduated from my college 8 months after our meeting, a couple of months later, I got my internship at the tax ministry, lucky me 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to tell you something. Did you remember my friend Sri? She’s the one that accompanies me when we met that day. Life has been a roller coaster for her.

A month after I graduated, she threw a wedding party. Of course, I’m not the groom. She married her boyfriend. At that time, I wanted to tell you about that so you could say something to her. I didn’t know where to contact you. It was a moment of joy, beautiful little wedding.

A couple months later (two or three month i guess), she told me that she’s pregnant. whew.. I couldn’t help my excitement. I’m going to be an uncle soon!

When the little baby born, I went to her house to look at the baby. She couldn’t hide her happiness. She told me her life is perfect now, with a husband and a son. A full house.

Sadly, The roller coaster never stayed up for a long time, it suddenly went down.

When I saw him, the baby is smaller than I thought. I asked her about it, She said that the baby was not in a good condition. He got some kind of lung problems. In the evening, when i get back to my house, just two days after he’s born. the baby were hospitalized.

After that I didn’t get any contact with her because I’m busy with my life and work. I assumed the baby were fine, and they’re happy now.

A couple weeks ago. My friend Ryan called me. He said that the baby never went out from hospital in a good condition. and unfortunately, that evening he passed away. exactly one month after his birth.

I called Sri immediately, hoped that it was just a prank, but she never picked up.

So I went to her house. a lot of people were in that house, the atmosphere was depressing. That moment I realized that it was true..

When I finally met her, i couldn’t say anything. She’s in the blank state, her eyes wet and swollen. Suddenly there’s some kind of pain and sadness growing up in my stomach. I just can’t imagine how she felt at that time. She told me that despite of all this, his baby boy gave her a last smile before he passed away. a beautiful cute little smile.


But she’s fine now. Life goes on. Give her your condolences when you got this letter okay? She’ll be happy to hear from you.

Well, i think that’s enough for now..  I hope we can meet again sometimes.

Sincerely Yours
Ilham Amanah Rangga

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kak, mikenya bohongan kan ? :O

Adi Nugroho

Mampir 😛 kangen bau2 scifi di sini 😀

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